About us

Legion of Noir

Legion | Lee-juh n| Noun

  1. Any great number of persons or things, multitude

Noir | Nwahr| Adjective

  1. Never Overshadow Individual Realness


Legion of Noir is a brand. Our focus is to inspire individuality, purpose and being active through fashion and health and wellness.

Health, Fitness and Motivation.  It is all about caring for your mind, body, and spirit.  Health and fitness are important parts of life that sometimes gets overlooked.  Some may feel like it is something that is not needed or time worthy.  Taking care of physical health, mental health, and exercise are core practices for good health.  We believe daily self-care ("we are not in any way licensed medical professionals") creates some type of balance to life.  Being aware of thoughts, weight, self-control, desires, eating habits, self-care, sleeping, social interactions is all a part of health and taking care of self.  We want to encourage, and or inspire individuals to seek out their best self.  It's all about you, not me, not them, it's you.

Now fashion and style, that is a way of life.  Without style there is no fashion, and without fashion there is no style.  Style is what keeps fashion alive.  Having style is what sets you apart from the world.  Setting yourself apart from the world is keeping your individual realness.  Individual realness gives you the ability to evolve into what you have always wanted to be.  Staying true to yourself and knowing your distinct qualities allows your individuality to show.

We’ve created a brand that will push consumers to the next level and elevate their game. Our styles are classic, yet edgy and contemporary to create that stand out factor.  We want individuals to look good and feel good while transforming into their best selves.  We motivate, create, inspire, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are an individual that is empowered, trying to get it together, barley there, or just want something new.  "Hey, there's nothing wrong with improving." Refreshing the mind and body helps create a better you.  We want to motivate you to keep on pushing through.  Life creates obstacles and challenges that makes it rough sometimes. Pushing through the resistance and making it out on the other side, that's that type of purposeful stuff.  Being bold, being great, adventurous, energized, or just out right free.  It is you, all you and you want to be the best you, what-ever it is.  Choosing to do daily what the heart desires and creating challenges for self.  Taking on peaks you thought you could not.  Taking a chill to rejuvenate, living, seeking, breathing, self-acceptance and stride.  Do what you do, be true to self, know it's you in the race; "look at you looking all special."  Finding your greater side of yourself to get the most out of life.  Live with purpose, walk with purpose, move with purpose, have purpose.

Our brands mission is to invite people to be individually courageous, purposeful every day, and not being afraid of change.


NOIR- Never OverShadow Individual Realness