Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose


In the last post we spoke about purpose and creating a meaningful life style.  Purpose is for which something is done or exists.  Have you thought about your purpose or what you can do to find your purpose?  Getting clear on our purpose creates a strong foundation for the rest of the process of our lives.  We begin to create steps, and goals to establish a bigger impact on ourselves.  What is it that drives you to want to get up and live? To get up and move, move with purpose, drive, and energy.  That question is asked all the time, and I believe it all adds up to Will.  Will you get up and do what you want to do.  Will you do what you said you would do.  The Will to be accountable for yourself.  It is easy to always say you need an accountability partner to make it, and in some cases, it may be, but your Will comes first. Let us say for example, “the Will is a stirring wheel, and the purpose is the car”.  You need to steer the car to go in the right direction.  The analogy might not be all that accurate, but you get the point.  Let us start to drive towards our purpose, with the will to want to change.  Giving it everything you have day in and day out and live in your purpose.  Strive to find that balance and consistency to keep pushing forward.

With 2020 ending, and 2021 bringing in a fresh new start, how can your Will push you towards your Purpose?  What kind of legacy do you want to create for the generation behind you? Let us make our goals bigger than we can expect, to invite that positive energy and powers of the universe.  Always refer to your inspirations and goals to stay motivated and on your road of purpose.

Here are a few tips to get you headed towards your purpose:

  • Daily exercise- Take a brisk walk for at least 30 min to get the heart rate up
  • Daily affirmations- jot down some mental motivation to state out loud
  • Meditation- 15 min, focus, breathing, silence, reflection
  • Writing- be creative, be real, write anything and everything
  • Singing/ Dancing- it releases stress, provides motivation
  • Set goals at all levels that will push you ahead
  • Find out what makes you great 



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